Things You Shouldn’t Write During Your First Correspondence

It’s much easier to talk to a girl you like on the Internet. In a couple of clicks, you can find out everything about her: where she works or studies, what she is fond of, what movies she watches and what music she listens to. But what to text a girl to kindle her interest and start a conversation?

In fact, it’s not so important what you are texting since a girl looks at the photo and decides whether she wants to communicate with one or another person or not. There is a probability of making a lot of mistakes during the acquaintance and communication process. Why does it happen like that? When you like a girl and you are just starting communicating with her, you have low self-esteem. Moreover, there is a desire to impress your companion at all costs.

Common Mistakes Men Make During Correspondence 

1.  Wrong message tone: suspicion, rudeness or implicit accusation. On dating sites, there are different men and women. However, you shouldn’t hint a girl you would like to meet you don’t trust her or tell her she may be a dishonorable person. Acquaintance and communication should start with mutual trust.

2.  Message-profile. This is a long message that briefly and monotonously lists all the significant biography facts. After reading it, a girl already knows everything about a potential partner, and it’s difficult for her to find a topic for further communication.

3.  Impersonal “Hello! How are you?” or minimalist “Hi”. It can be difficult to find a suitable answer to such messages, and they don’t reflect a real interest in getting to know this particular person.

4.  Talking about the future. This is a short-term relationship. It’s not good to start with the planning of family life, traveling or any other thing you can do together.

The First Message as the Key to Success

Metal pendant with the word success key to success at the table

There may be lots of options on what kind of the first message to send. You can introduce yourself and tell why you’ve signed up on dating website; write why you are interested in your companion and politely ask questions you are interested in, so that it would be easier for a girl to find an answer and keep the conversation going.

The thoughts you put in your first message should reflect your views, your inner world. Eye-catching profile photos are a visual factor that attracts attention; however they don’t reflect your values — this is the task of a correctly written message.

For this, choose one of the following conversation topics:

  • traveling and interesting places to visit;
  • touching memories and funny stories from childhood;
  • favorite movies, literature, and music.

Emphasize the fact that you have browsed your companion’s bio and read the information she’s written about herself. Perhaps you have common hobbies and interests. Pay attention to her photos, maybe she has uploaded her pets pictures or photos from a trip to her profile.